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Usually i like to watch what i did on the blog before, it helps me to notice what i did right or wrong and to see what i would like to do new next. And sometimes it’s funny to notice how bad a shopping find -and a look- was.

Take for example this tweed top; i mean it’s great for someone really tall, not for me. But i liked the material SO MUCH that i didn’t care the question of the shape.

So it’s been the last DIY project: i reduced the length, adjusted the sleeves to make them slimmer and opened up the front of the jacket. No buttons nor zip. There’s already one on the back!

Time to enjoy wearing the jacket on a spring day under the sun until evening…

DIY jacket based from this Zara top
Bnk white tee
H&M pants
Ivoire nude shoes, seen here
Ralph Lauren sunnies

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